Text Size

If you wish to enlarge the stuff, including the text size, on a web document, place your cursor on the page and:

On a Windows computer:   Press and hold the "control" key and poke the "+" key.  Each time you press the "+" key the window or text will enlarge.   Pressing "control" and "-" makes it smaller

On a Mac:  Same directions, but you press the COMMAND key, not the control.

In some email programs look for a sliding enlargement icon on the bottom right.  Move the dot to the right or left to attain your desired font size.

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Computer Tips


Some of Burt's outgoing emails are arrested by a host's spam settings.  This may be due to there being a large number of subscribers or an attachment in the email.

As a remedy, you have to go into the email server's direct website, such as mail.google dot com - or aol dot com, and find the original email from Burt which may be in the spam folder.  Move it to your inbox, designate it as "not spam" if your service has that option.

If the problem persists, contact Burt directly.